The Power of Lovefullness (CD)


Lovefullness is a very useful technique and a simple way to convince your mind to cooperate with you, get down to the source of the problem and eradicate it in just a few sessions. Highly recommended.

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Love-fullness, be grateful for love – one of the explanation of that meaning. If people will be able to find enough gratitude through accepting themselves then they can be able to be grateful for any love. Lovefullness is a new method of the reconciliation and forgiveness through emotions. Practice show us that everybody who used this method had noticed some change in their lifes. This CD is basically touch how the practice Lovefullness looks like. Important is work with somebody else. Here is one way how you can use CD. From the beginning please repeat the words of each track except 4 while you are looking into the eyes of your partner, once you finish, your partner should start repeat words as well. Your experience could be amazing. If not, the change comes soon.


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