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Lack of self-confidence

This is despite of all circumstances quite often topic involved in most cases. We can’t classify this factor as source of the issue, it has tendency to be as accompanying symptom. Most of the clients see on the first stage this topic, later it is recognized as result of something certain what is important in whole therapy. This is why the first consultation is important, where is founded core issue. Rare is when the topic is really self-confidence, this is dependent on individual circumstances but generally we can say that is important to work on self-image, very often individuals with low self-confidence has problem to express own feelings, it ...

Feeling of isolation

Isolation comes very often when we don’t see any other choice. It is happening in such situations where we naturally choose the isolation, because we think that whatever different can make situation worst or uncomfortable. These situations have certain denominators, for instance we choose isolation because of the environment, this trend is often showing in big cities which does make sense if you are thinking about certain factors which are perceived as limitations, for example finance sources or ignorance of the city. Much easier is to take opportunities if you are from the same origin, but cities often are structured in various communities of ...

Intimacy in relationships

This ordinary topic is bigger than we can think. 42% of marriages end in divorce in the UK (December 2012), which means that nearly half population has difficulties to stay in relationship. We can ask, why? And is this percentage something what we should pay attention to? Why involves many aspects, one of them is intimacy. If you are in happy relationship, you may not have problem with work on healthy relationship and the others should learn from you. To go deeper, we also have to consider family dysfunctions. Nowadays we are in rush, we are required more than before, every day is impossible to avoid of all information that we need to cope with. So ...


Why do we fall?

We are much more than we believe