What difference ‘BAT’ has from other Associations

Not only once wasn’t clear, what else British Association of Therapists might offer in comparison with others associations. Because that “associations like this one” is many. It was motivation to write this article. We have something what hasn’t been on the internet at those associations, we collect donations for those who need the treatment but they don’t have money. Very often someone suffers in his condition, but he or she cannot get help because he or she cannot pay for it. And that’s the shame. People with these circumstances sometimes ending up in even worse condition. This is not the best way, how to ensure health whether physical or mental. So every professional member with us can claim for full or part payment for treatment of his client in difficult financial situation.

Next question which has been raised, why “of therapists”? Because every association has specific focus. This is because community of therapists coud have better functioning in terms of referrals or work on common projects or researches, that settings can be from different perspectives of each therapist. This can deliver better picture in result. That’s how we can more get closer to the idea that mind and body is connected, so what is in mind, is in body and opposite.

We also should define who is therapist. Dictionary says in terms of physical state, it is a person trained in the use of physical methods, as exercises, heat treatments, etc., in treating or rehabilitating the sick or wounded or helping patients overcome physical defects. And in terms of psychological, it is a person trained in the use of psychological methods for helping patients overcome psychological problems.

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    April 28, 2020 (12:52 pm)

    Maintain the excellent work !! Lovin’ it!

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